Benefits of Power Washing

Do you have the need for a thorough power washing? The need for power washing is obviously situational, however, adhering to certain timeframes is a good practice if you want to keep your house shining throughout the year. Some Professionals suggest power washing once to twice a year. Others may suggest more or less based on the circumstance, what we are going to teach you are the overall benefits of power washing.
Benefits of Power Washing 1
Power wash vs pressure wash – Power washing is fairly similar to Pressure washing except for the principal difference of heat. Power washing (hot) can be used on harder surfaces like pavement or concrete without fear of damage. Pressure washing is applicable on almost any surface.
No more mold and mildew – Mold and mildew can be very detrimental to both the value of your property and your overall health. Various health issues can be traced back to fungus’ like mold, so when you see those little spores starting to grow on your stucco, it’s time to break out the power or pressure washer!

Curb appeal at a steal – Instead of repainting or re-siding your home, a thorough power washing can reinstate your home into the neighborhood elite, and at a fraction of the cost. Sometimes a restoration is a much more cost-effective route to take than a full overhaul, so break out the power washer.

Before you paint, POWER WASH! – Paint adheres to clean surfaces much more efficiently than dirty ones. If you feel like painting an exterior surface or concrete of any kind, do yourself a favor and prime that surface with a power wash!

If you want to protect your family and your investment, sticking to a power washing schedule is a great plan. Certain damage can be irreparable if not attended to in a timely fashion so remember…if you see dirt…break out the power washer!

Benefits of Power Washing 2
Benefits of Power Washing 3

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