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What is the difference between paint sheens?
FlatNo ShineTouches Up Really NiceNot as durable and washable
SatinYou notice a shine, but is is not too overwhelmingGives it a perfect amount of shine, but not too much; durableDoes not touch up at all
Semi-GlossStrong shine to itExtremely washable and durablePerfect for trim, but for walls may be too much shine depending on preference
How do I clean out latex paint out of a brush and roller?

The best part of using latex paint and stains is it is water based, which means you can use water to clean it up.  You can use your hands and water, but I recommend purchasing a brush comb and roller cleaner to make clean up a lot easier.  Here is an example of what a brush comb and roller cleaner looks like. You would use the C shaped side to get the remaining paint off of the roller and the comb side to get any paint that is stuck on the brush.

Can you apply oil over latex?

Yes, but many states are slowly banning the use of oil based paints. Depending on the project we recommend using latex based paints.

Can you apply latex over oil?

No. If you apply latex over oil your paint will not adhere to the surface and the paint will begin to peel and break off. When you start with oil based paint and you want to end with latex you must first coat the surface with a primer and then you can use a latex paint as the top coat.

When should I use a primer?

The most important part of painting is doing the prep work correctly. This starts with scraping, sanding, caulking and priming. We recommend priming over bare wood, aluminum and metal. We also use primer after we have removed wallpaper, install new drywall, patched large holes, or painting over stained trim. These are just a few examples of when we use a primer.

Are there special guidelines when I have lead-based paint?

Yes, you must have a LEAD Certified Contractor. Brian Martin of Power House Painting is a LEAD Certified Contractor. The project area must be sealed off, workers must wear special attire and use certain equipment. It is a long, but very important process and if done correctly it can save the lives of your family and pets.

How do I know if I have lead-based paint in my house?
How do I know which type of paint to use?

Every project is different and for every project there is a product that is best suited for it. When it comes to exterior paint, we love using Sherwin Williams Duration. Depending on the interior project, we use products such as Sherwin Williams Interior Duration, Super Paint and Pro Mar 200. If you are working with metal, there is an all surface enamel product that works great.

Why should I pressure wash?

It kills and removes the mold, mildew and debris from your home. It beautifies your home and it also increases the value of your home.

Why stain or seal my fence and deck?

Using stain or sealer protects your wood and increases the longevity of its lifespan. It prevents the water and harsh weather from soaking into the wood. It can also truly beautify your home and increase the value of your home.

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