Please present coupon at time of estimate.

  • Volunteer at any nonprofit organization and receive up to $25 discount per volunteer hour
    Maximum of four hours or up to $100 for any service
    Must have proof of volunteer service and must give information during initial estimate
  • Premium Promotion
    $100 Off any service of $500 or more
    Must present at time of estimate
  • Pressure Washing
    Free Deck Wash with the purchase of a house and roof wash
  • Exterior Painting
    $250 Off Whole House Siding Painting/ Staining
    $150 Whole House Exterior Trim Painting
  • Home Improvement
    $100 Off All Wood Rot Repairs
*You may only use one discount at a time.

The Handyman Special

FREE 2 Hours with the Purchase of 6 Hours or More. NO MINIMUM CHARGE.

*Hourly rate is $65 per hour and excludes cost of all materials. Time starts when technician leaves 23693 area code to job. The time to drive to the project will be a part of hourly rate charge. After assessment of project, the time continues when technician has to purchase materials at a local store.