2020 Interior Painting Trends

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How you decorate your house reflects your personality. With 2020 all about having a new vision, why shouldn’t your home be included? Renovating the look, and feel of your home can be a fun and exciting experience. Conveniently, you don’t need to change any furniture or decor to give your space a whole new vibe. Sometimes all you need is a fresh coat of paint to change up the feel of the room. Here are just a few colors that can transform your room.

2020 Interior Painting Trends 1
  • Dusty Lilac: You don’t see a lot of purple on interior walls, which will make this color stand out. A darker or dusty lilac can go with a range of darker hues making accessorizing a breeze.
2020 Interior Painting Trends 2
  • Bright Yellow: While yellow is a bold color, it can truly brighten up any room giving off the feeling of joy and vitality. Pair it with a crisp white to make the yellow pop.
2020 Interior Painting Trends 3
  • Lighter Green: Green always brings people back to nature, but you tend to see a lot of darker greens or forest greens. Change it up with a lighter green. Pair it with a charcoal grey or black and white for an extra pop.
2020 Interior Painting Trends 4
  • Greige It Out: If you’re not on board with a typical grey or beige, combine the two. “Greige” still gives a neutral color, with a little extra spice. Likewise, you can pair it with almost any color, making accessorizing a breeze!
2020 Interior Painting Trends 5
  • White-Grey: If you’re not a massive fan of “greige”, go with a grey and white mixture. It will give any room a sense of elegance.
2020 Interior Painting Trends 6
  • Charcoal Grey: Create the perfect cozy feel to any room with a beautiful charcoal grey. This dark hue can give any space that intimate ambiance you’re looking for.
2020 Interior Painting Trends 8