Deck Railing Options

Deck Railing Williamsburg Virginia

Are you in search of the best deck railing? If you have, then you have come to the correct place to learn more about your deck railing options in Yorktown, Virginia. Power House Painting and Home Improvement is a Class A Builder who specializes in deck restoration and deck building. We are working on decks on a weekly basis throughout the entire year. Below are your three most common railing options we install. Yes, we understand there are thousands of different options and variations, but on average these are our three most popular options.

The three railing options below we have done in Williamsburg, Yorktown, Smithfield, Newport News, Norfolk and the surround Hampton Roads region.

Deck Railing Installation from Power House Painting & Home Improvements
Deck Railing Installation from Power House Painting & Home Improvements

Deck Railing Options

Option 1: Treated Wood Railing

*Pro: Upfront cost is lower than my next two options

*Negative: Long term maintenance cost makes it more expensive over a long period of time

*Pros: Easier to get materials and can start sooner with this material. If you live in a historic area this maybe your only option.

Option 2: Vinyl Railing
*Pros: Affordable, durable and easy to maintain/clean

*Negatives: Limited color choices

Option 3: Aluminum Railing
*Pros: Absolutely beautiful and stunning. We use it on the outside and we have used it on the interior of a stairwell, and it turned out great. Creates minimal blockage in views.

*Cons: The most expensive option of the three

Call For a Free Estimate on Deck Railing!

Our free estimates can walk you through how much each railing system cost.  We will ask you several questions to determine what railing system is best fit for you and your house.  Our goal is to provide as much education as possible to help you stay informed.  If you have any questions or want to set up that free estimate please call our office at 757-310-2926.