How Much To Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Williamsburg

If you are reading this article, you probably are thinking about painting your kitchen cabinets. You have come to the right place to find out how much kitchen cabinet painting cost. Power House Painting and Home Improvement has invested heavily in delivering a great cabinet painting experience. We have completed cabinet painting projects in Yorktown, Williamsburg, Newport News, Hampton and all around the Hampton Roads Region. We have invested thousands into technology and thousands of dollars in training to become the leading cabinet painting company in Yorktown, Virginia.

Professional Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Power House Painting and Home Improvement has completed a process to ensure your kitchen cabinet painting project goes smoothly. We have invested in a mobile spray system that allows for the doors and drawers to get to as close as possible to a factory finish when not in a factory. What does the process look like? Below are the steps we take to give you a professional kitchen cabinet paint job.
1) Set up mobile spray booth and hanger system in your garage. We only need a (1) car garage size or less to set up our equipment in. For an additional cost we can bring the doors/drawers back to our shop.
2) Remove all the doors, drawers and create a number system to know where they go back
3) Patch any holes if we are changing hardware
4) Sand all doors, drawers, and framework
5) Hang all doors and drawers on special hanging system
6) Spray prime all doors and drawers
7) Brush and roll with specialty roller on framework of cabinet
8) Light sand of all surfaces
9) Caulk as needed
10) Spray topcoat on doors and drawers
11) Brush and roll topcoat on framework
12) Light sand on all surfaces
13) Final spray coat on doors and drawers
14) Brush and roll framework for final coat
15) Reattach hardware to doors and drawers
16) Hang doors and drawers
17) Touch up as needed
18) Clean up workspace and garage
19) Ask you for a (5) Star Review
Kitchen Cabinet Painting
Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Now you know how much work goes into giving you a great cabinet painting experience. Now, it is time to talk about the cost of how much kitchen cabinet painting really cost. When it comes to pricing out kitchen cabinet painting projects, we have broken them into three categories small, medium and large.

Small: $4500-$6500
Medium: $6500-$8500
Large: $8500-$12500

If you would like an exact price for your kitchen cabinet painting project please call us at 757-310-2926. With a few pictures you will have a price to paint your kitchen cabinets.