If the exterior of your home is looking a bit drab, or somewhat drab, it may be time to consider freshening things up with a new coat of paint. But you may not have to go as far as painting your home’s entire exterior. Consider professional painting services in Hampton Roads to update the exterior trim. A fresh coat of trim paint can smarten up a home’s outer appearance. It’s a small task with big results. When deciding what to do with your exterior trim, think about the following:


You may not be sure what parts of the trim should be painted to stand out, and which parts should blend in. If you are working with a professional painting services in Hampton Roads, they can advise you on what to paint. However, the general rule is, trim that runs horizontal or vertical and suggests structure, should be painted the main trim color. For example, if you have trim that goes along the roofline, that is a strong line that draws the eye. The trim should stand out with the main trim color. Smaller elements that don’t really show the home’s structure don’t need to be painted in the main trim color.


When selecting trim color, you will need to pay attention to the principal color of your home, and what trim colors are complimentary. It is also a matter of how much contrast you are looking for. Darker homes (dark greens, navy blues, or dark browns) look great with trim that really stands out – whites and light greys. However, if you have a lighter colored home, such as white or beige, a more subtle trim might work better. Search for trim that is just a few shades off of your principal color.


Another factor to consider is your home’s style. A popular new trend is for home exteriors to be a dark color, with white trim that really pops. However, if you live in an older home, it might help to do some research. You’ll be able to see color schemes that would work for you, or get ideas if you are stumped. Certain styles of homes, such as Victorians, can have very colorful, fun trim.


When painting trim that surrounds a window or doorway, it would seem that these would be part of the structure, and should be the main trim color. However, it is generally better to paint window and door trim the principal color of the home, not the main trim color. The window frame itself, and the door, are already a different color, so introducing the main trim as a third or fourth color might be a bit much. Definitely consider professional painting services in Hampton Roads to help you determine what trim should be which color.


Gutters and downspouts might also need some freshening up. You’ll want to select colors that will help these features blend into your home. They are utilitarian, not decorative, so you want them to be inconspicuous. If you have a downspout running down the middle of your home, paint it the principal color of your exterior to help it blend in. If the downspout runs parallel to white trim, then paint it the same white as the trim. 

Whether you are looking to freshen up the exterior of your home for your own enjoyment, or if you are preparing to put a house up for sale, the exterior trim can make your house stand out. Make sure it stands out for the right reasons – smart and fresh, not drab and shabby. Exterior trim is a simple feature that can have a big impact on the overall look of a building. Get in touch with Power House Services today to discuss your options. We offer professional painting services in Hampton Roads and have the knowledge and experience to help you!

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