Benefits Of Soft Washing Your Home, Deck Or Driveway

You’ve probably heard of power washing or pressure washing for cleaning the exterior of your home, your driveway or your deck. But have you heard of soft washing? This is an alternative to power washing around your home that can be safer for your home’s finishes and is just as effective. Discover different types of power washing services, other than traditional high pressure washing. Let’s learn about what soft washing is and how it can improve the look and extend the life of your home’s exterior, deck, and driveway.

High pressure washing can be very damage to your home by stripping away finishes, blowing away vinyl siding, and destroying vapor lock on windows. There are many other dangers to using a high pressure washer, including a danger to your own safety. High pressure tools are hard to control, especially from a precarious position, if you are on a ladder or up on a roof. High pressure washing is only really safe to do on hard surfaces, like brick or concrete. Even then it can chip away the surface if the pressure is to high.

So if high pressure washing isn’t going to clean your home safely, what should you do? Soft washing is a technique used by professionals that uses less than 100 psi (pounds per square inch) and a knowledge of detergents to gently clean your home in a safe and effective way. A good pressure washer can identify the type of stain or mold that needs to be cleaned and use the proper detergent to get it out, rather than blasting the stain and the surface away. The lower pressure makes it safer for both your home and the person operating the washer. Generally, the best pressure washers for soft washing emit more gallons per minute and more water, rather than more pressure. Soft washing is not only safer for the operator and your home, it is also more time-efficient. Instead of using a small stream of high-pressured water and going back and forth over an area, inch by inch, the washer applies the detergent needed for a large area and then rinses it off. The key to finding a good pressure washing service is the detergent, not the water pressure.

Another benefit of soft washing is that your home, deck, or driveway will stay cleaner 4 to 6 times longer than if you used a high power wash. This is because the majority of the dirt and debris on your home is either a living organism or carbon from the air. If you use a high pressure washer, it will knock off cobwebs and large pieces of debris, but it won’t remove the smaller living things that are growing. They will grow back in a short amount of time and you will have to re-wash everything a lot sooner. By using the proper mixture of detergent, it will kill and remove the organisms and stop them from growing back for a long time. This will keep your home looking cleaner in the long run!

Soft washing is a much more efficient method to cleaning your outdoor spaces, whether it is your home’s exterior, a deck, sidewalk, or driveway. By using less water, it is environmentally friendly. The detergent rinses off the surface easily and rinses off plants as well. Soft washing is also a time-saver because a bigger span of spray means you can rinse the detergent off of an area in one or two sprays, rather than going back and forth, inch by inch like a traditional high pressure washer. Contact Power House Services today to discuss what power washing services we offer and which is right for your home.

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