Projects that you have on your To-Do List may seem like things that you can’t accomplish during the winter because of the cold, wet weather. However, this is not necessarily true. Although the weather may be a factor that you have to plan for, there are a lot of benefits also. Winter can be a good time to paint your house exterior for a variety of reasons.


Many people have a week or more off during the holidays, and if you are one of those lucky people, you have a good chunk of time to tackle a bigger project, such as painting your home’s exterior. If you are looking to paint your home yourself, you will need a good window of time, to work around the weather and to have enough time to complete the project.


In general, contractors aren’t as busy in the winter months. This means that their prices are generally lower this time of year – up to 40% off what they charge in the warmer months. Winter can be a good time to paint your house exterior due to contractor availability. When they are really busy, you have to fit your schedule around the openings the contractors have. But during less busy times – such as the winter months – they can work around your schedule. Painting your house exterior in the winter will save you time and money if you opt to go with a contractor.


During warmer months, people tend to think that paint will dry faster because there is more sunlight. This is not always true though. Generally in the mid-Atlantic area, warm weather is accompanied by humidity. The moisture in the air from humidity means that paint won’t dry as quickly.  Winter can be a good time to paint your house exterior because the dry air that causes our hands to dry out will also help the paint to dry more quickly.


If you are an early riser, or someone who likes to get things done, painting in the winter is ideal because of the early light. Because the sun rises earlier in the winter, you will have optimal light in the morning, rather than having to wait.


Painting your home’s exterior in the winter can be a good idea because it will add more protection. Just like you wear a coat in the cooler weather, your home will be better protected by a fresh coat of paint.

Winter can be a good time to paint your house exterior.Here are some tips on how to get started and what to plan for.


Knowing the weather forecast is vital to painting outside, regardless of what time of year you do it. Paint tends to dry more slowly in cooler weather and moisture in the air can cause paint to dry unevenly and appear splotchy. You want to choose a time where the outside temperature will be at least 37 degrees and dry. Keep an eye on the moisture in the air because too much moisture will hinder the paint’s ability to dry.


Different types of paint work differently, depending on the temperature. Generally the mid-Atlantic doesn’t experience sub-40 degree temperatures for the entire winter season. Water-based, oil-based, or acrylic paints are all able to perform in temperatures above 37 degrees. However, other aspects of exterior work aren’t as usable in cold weather, such as caulking, filler, or primer. If you do have to deal with sub-40 degree weather, consider selecting a more specialized paint, such as Sherwin-Williams Resilience exterior acrylic paint. If you are unsure about which paint to go with, get in touch with Power House, we are more than happy to help.

Although there may be a few more variables to plan for, painting your house exterior in the winter can actually be easier than trying to squeeze it in during the warmer months. Whether you are interested in completing this on your own, or hiring a contractor, get in touch with Power House. We are here if you just need some advice on which paint to select, or if you want to have the project done by professionals. Just think how great your home will look with beautiful holiday decor and lights, all on the backdrop of a fresh coat of exterior paint.
For more information about painting your home’s exterior in the winter, check out http://paintersoflouisville.com/paint-exterior-house-winter/