6 Things to Ask Yourself When Remodeling Your Kitchen

Kitchen cabinet painting project in Yorktown, Virginia

As a remodeling specialist in Yorktown, Virginia we understand the benefits of remodeling your kitchen.  We have grown to understand that the kitchen is usually the centerpiece of your home and where your family congregates.  We want to give you long-lasting memories with your family in your beautiful new kitchen. Below are a few things to ask yourself before starting a kitchen remodel project in Yorktown.  

What is your budget for this kitchen remodel project? 

This is always the toughest part of any remodel project. We always recommend knowing your budget before really starting the full design/build process.  If your budget is 25K vs 100k, then you will have to make different buying decisions.  

Are you planning to live in this home forever or just for a few more years?

If you plan to live in it forever, then do the upgrades you wish to have. Spend the money on the things you can’t function without in your kitchen because chances are you won’t be doing this again.

If you plan to sell in the future, then only do the upgrades that are needed or will have good resell in the future. You don’t want to spend thousands on making it your dream kitchen if you won’t be there long enough to even enjoy it. 

Where should the money be spent?

Spend your money where it matters. Cabinetry is where most of the money should be spent. Going cheap on cabinets will lead to them not lasting and probably needing touch-ups after 5 years. The function of your kitchen revolves around your cabinets so put the money into them.

Do you have any thoughts on appliances?

Thinking ahead on appliances can usually save you a delay on your job. Appliances can take up to MONTHS on getting in. It’s smart to have in mind which ones you are interested in and check the inventory frequently. If you’re doing a new layout, it’s recommended to wait to order till you have approved your cabinet drawings.  You don’t want to order them too early and not have them fit within the spaces that will be created.  

What do you want to be your focal point? 

Your countertops or tile backsplash is usually what catches people’s attention. It’s what makes your kitchen stand out. Always be sure to budget these items when planning your project. 

Do you trust your contractor?

Hiring a contractor you trust will save you a lot of stress. 

This is a huge project and a lot of money, that’s why you want it to be done correctly. The right contractor will guide you in the direction you need to go and give their professional input. This will help take some load off of you.  

If you have any questions about kitchen remodeling in Hampton Roads please give us a call.