Pressure Washing Prices

Pressure Washing Prices 1

Have you ever wondered how much pressure washing costs?  If yes, then you have found the right place.  We will go over the average cost of most pressure-washing projects and some of the variables that go into pressure-washing pricing in Yorktown, Williamsburg Virginia.  As always, pricing can change; with any project, it has 1 million variables, but this is a great place to start your research.   

2500 Sq Ft House Washing: $250-$450

Variables affecting the price:

  • Location of home or home office 
  • The surface of siding and trim materials 
  • Custom shrubbery 
  • Sq Ft of House
  • How green is the house 

Deck Washing: 150-250sq ft Deck

Cost: $150-$450

  • Complete deck pressure washing with a house washing project and you could get your deck washed for as low as $150
  • Wood versus composite (Composite is more expensive to wash) 
  • How dirty is it? 
  • Location to home office

Roof Washing of 2500 Sq Ft Homes:  $750-$1000

  • Location to home office
  • How dirty is it 
  • Does it have growth or just black fungus 

We want to be as transparent as possible with our pricing, so please call us at 757-310-2926 with any questions.