What Paint Sheen Should I Pick For My Interior Painting Project?

Are you painting the interior of your home yourself or hiring a professional painting company like Power House Painting and Home Improvement? If you are, one big question you will have to answer is what sheen do you want your paint in. As a custom painting company in Yorktown and Williamsburg, Virginia we will always ask you what color you want and then the next question is always what sheen would you like it in. If you are new to paint, you probably are wondering what sheen is. In simple terms, it is the shine (reflection) you see when you look at the paint on the surface. It is what protects the surface and allows you to rub and clean the painted area. As always, each project varies, but below I will go over the pros and cons of each sheen option you can choose from.


Description: We probably use this the most. We apply Flat paint to ceilings (Non bathrooms), closets and walls with low traffic.
Pros: Easy to use, hides ugly walls and you can touch up down the road
Cons: Does not clean up well


Description: This sheen is available in higher end products and is perfect for someone who wants a little bit of shine, but not to much.
Pros: Similar pros to Flat, but has the ability to clean easier
Cons: Harder to work with than flat and does not touch up as well


Description: We mainly use eggshell/satin on walls with high traffic volume or if kids are in the home.
Pros: Protects the surface better and easier to clean
Cons: If not applied correctly it can flash and it shows imperfections in the surfaces it is applied to

Semi Gloss

Description: We mainly use semi gloss paint on bathroom ceilings and trim surfaces.
Pros: Very washable and gives greater protection to the surface
Cons: Shows imperfections clearly on any surface it is applied to and does not touch up well.


Description: We only use this on trim and cabinets if a customer wants the look of oil, but not the oil based paint.
Pros: Extremely durable/washable
Cons: It shows every imperfection in the surface applied to

If you have any questions about what sheen is best for your project, please contact us at 757-310-2926 and we can help you decide what is best for your project.