Why Is Drywall Repair Important?

Drywall is a great product and easy to repair, but due to its thin material it can get damaged often. Why should you repair your drywall and when is it time to replace?

Why Repair Drywall

Beyond the obvious aesthetic issues, there are many reasons to get drywall repaired. Drywall has many functions, but one of the most fundamental is to keep the elements out of your house. Holes and cracks may let wind, construction residue, insulation, pests, and moisture into your home. Drywall damage also makes your home less energy efficient, as heat and air conditioning escape through damaged regions of drywall. 

Drywall Repair

Aesthetically, holes in your drywall aren’t pleasing and if you’re looking to repaint your walls, damaged drywall isn’t going to make the job easy. Additionally, waiting on a drywall repair can have consequences such as your house settling and further damaging the drywall with cracks, moisture penetrating the drywall and causing further damage, mold contamination, and more. 

Drywall Repair vs. Drywall Replacement

If the physical damage is large and severe enough, it might not be cost effective or possible to simply repair the drywall. But more often than not, the main reason to replace drywall has to do with unexpected forms of damage like moisture and mold. While drywall repair is usually perfectly acceptable for cracks and holes up to and around six inches, a complete replacement is often required in the event of major disaster (ie. flooding, fire, high wind damages). With larger damage, the removal of entire pieces of drywall may be necessary but new pieces are not expensive and often labor is not too difficult or time-consuming. It is possible for an amateur handyman to repair or replace drywall, but in cases of moisture and rot this service is best left to the experts due to safety concerns. Between a quality finish, painting, and health concerns, a quality contractor that takes care of all your needs should be your immediate decision. 

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