Changing the paint color in a space can freshen things up and give you a whole new perspective. However, selecting just the right shade can be a daunting task, to the point that you just avoid painting altogether. It doesn’t have to be like that – whether you are trying to choose between the bright and the bold, or something a little more subtle, there are ways to ensure that you will be happy with the end result. Many people like to go with a bold color to make a room come alive. Shades like grey, beige, or white often get a bad rap for being boring. Why use neutral paint colors? There are many reasons to opt for a more muted tone when painting. Here are some things to consider when selecting your paint colors for a space.


Unless you are an interior designer, layering a room is probably a foreign concept. This refers to the different visual layers a space has – the color scheme, the textures, and the lines. If you absolutely love bold colors, you might consider painting a room a really bright color and then using the other elements of the space to balance the brightness. If you love bold color, why use neutral paint colors? if you select a neutral paint tone, it gives you more freedom of design. Instead of the eye being automatically drawn to the bold wall color, you can incorporate varying textures of furniture and the carpet. If you have really interesting crown molding or a fun ceiling pattern, they can become the stars of the space with a neutral color acting as the backdrop the ties everything together. Often times we allow the wall color to dominate an area because it is the most obvious thing, but by choosing more muted tones, you allow the eye to absorb color, texture, and line.


Although neutral colors are popular in modern spaces, they also fit with classic spaces. Neutral tones are able to work in any situation, whether you have Smart kitchen with stainless steel appliances, or a classic Victorian sitting room. Dark or bold colors can make a space seem smaller, but neutral tones open the space up and make it appear bigger. They also make the space feel clean and welcoming. Regardless of what you are going for with your space, neutral colors can work with any style and any era.


Are you a person who is constantly changing the look of a space? Do you have throw pillows for every occasion? Do you enjoy rearranging your furniture every few months? Whether you like reimagining a space, or if you are a one-and-done kind of person, neutral colors can be a life saver. If you were to select a paint color, such as a bright red or the currently-popular dark navy, you would have to make the rest of the room work with that color. By selecting a neutral color, you have more flexibility in what you can do. Instead of re-painting the walls every time you want to go with a new color scheme, a neutral paint tone allows you to change out smaller details that are the color scheme. Throw pillows, an area rug, or decor can add splashes of color to the space but also allow you to change them out easily to go with a different color. This is  great option to have if you love to decorate seasonally.


If you have ever rented an apartment or a home, you will have probably noticed that most rental spaces are painted in a neutral tone. Why use neutral paint colors? This is because it is so versatile, it can fit anyone’s style. If you are looking to sell or rent out your space, you want the prospective tenants or buyers to be able to imagine themselves living there. You may love the warm, yellow tone you’ve selected for the living room, but others may not. Even if they can paint over a color in the future, it might be difficult to picture the room in their mind’s eye. Neutral tones make it easier to picture how the space would look if they lived there.

Choosing the paint color for a space can be a big deal, but it doesn’t have to be. Bright and bold colors can make a space beautiful and fun, but they aren’t the only option. Why use neutral paint colors? They give you more flexibility in the design of a room and take away the worry of choosing the wrong color. The versatility of neutral schemes can appeal to everyone and every era. So whether you love bright and bolds, or you’re more of a neutral person, get in touch with Power House Painting to discuss your options. We have a wealth of knowledge on the latest trends, color pairings, and can help you decide what you want to do with a space.

For more information on why to use neutral paint colors, check out https://www.behr.com/consumer/inspiration/interior/design-advice/hidden-power-of-neutrals