Back To School!

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Back To School! 1

Back To School

School is back in session. For our family, this has been an even more unique time for us. Our kids have been doing home school for the past two and a half years. Ashley has a degree in Elementary Education and always wanted to do home schooling, so it was a perfect time to give it a shot. We absolutely loved it, and it allowed us to travel even more frequently. It also gave us the chance to have quality time as a family. 

For me personally, it was amazing being able to come home for lunch and hang out with them. That is the time I usually do not get to see them. With school going back to some sort of “normal”, we wanted them back in public schools. The boys have started 3rd (Jace) and 5th (Maddox) grade.

Just like for you, it is an extremely busy time. The kids are at school, baseball and gymnastics, and we are balancing those activities with business and travel. We are excited for what this school year and fall season has coming for our family. 

We hope you have a great fall season as well.