Ways to Save Money When Remodeling a Bathroom

Ways to Save Money When Remodeling a Bathroom 1

As a home improvement contractor in Yorktown, Virginia we specialize in bathroom remodels.  We have the ability to transform your bathroom into a spa-like atmosphere that you do not want to leave.  Through working with all different budgets, we have found ways to SAVE you money. Here are a few we have found through our years of experience.  

  • Refinish Bathroom Elements Instead of Replacing Them

Painting a vanity can save you hundreds or even thousands on this project. You could also get your tub/shower insert refinished or even in some cases, we say leave them alone.  

  • Keep plumbing and electrical where it is

Relocating plumbing can be time consuming and hard work, which costs paying a plumber almost double for labor and materials.  Just like plumbing, if you keep electrical where it is it will save you hundreds to thousands of dollars.  

  • Install Floating planks on Existing Floor

Saving time and cost is where LVT (Tile) & LVP (Planks) comes to the rescue. LVT can float directly on top of your existing floor so no need to pay for it to be ripped out. The cost to install is also cheaper than the cost of installing tile. LVT has come a long way and there’s a variety of tile/wood looks to choose from. 

  • Reuse Fixtures 

Sometimes what you have works great and will go with your new bathroom remodel.  We find that sometimes we recommend keeping your existing mirrors or light fixtures.  It is one small way to save some money.  

  • Demo or Paint Yourself 

Who has not watched HGTV and imagined themselves doing demolition to their own bathroom?  I know I have.  In some projects, we recommend a homeowner to complete their own demolition to save money.  Towards the end of the project another opportunity to save money is by completing your own painting.  It is one easy way to save $1500 on your bathroom remodel project.  

As an experienced bathroom remodeler in Hampton Roads, we wanted to advise you on ways to save money on your next bathroom remodel project.