Greetings & Happy October

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greetings & happy october

We recently just completed a flooring project in Yorktown.
We worked on (2) master bedrooms, (2) guest bedrooms, and a hallway. What made this project so special? It was my house!! As an owner of a construction company I try to do my best to prepare you for our arrival, but I truly forgot how much work went into preparing for us. My back still hurts (Haha). We have kept the carpet in the house for so long because we knew if we replaced the floors, we would have to move EVERYTHING to be ready for the install. The carpet felt like the third dog in the house, so we knew it was time to replace it. We had a great friend recommend to us to let the kids draw on the carpets before we removed them. We took her advice and had a blast the night before.

drawings on floor of a home

If you have looked at flooring you know there are a million different types of flooring and color options to choose from. We first decided that we wanted Luxury Vinyl Plank as our flooring product. With two kids, two large dogs, and me always wearing shoes upstairs we needed something durable so LVP was our choice. That was the easy part, but when it came to color is when it got very difficult for us. We went to multiple suppliers looked at hundreds of samples and after weeks of deliberation we narrowed it down to two options. Our first choice was almost $2 per sq ft more than our second choice. Our second choice color was only slightly different. So how do you make the decisions to go with what you really want versus what your budget dictates? I did not want to sacrifice on quality so I made sure our second choice had the same thickness, durability, properties and warranties as our first option. Once we confirmed all that I was happy going with our second choice and saving thousands of dollars.

Now that the carpet is removed and our new flooring is installed moving of furniture, changing of routine and purchasing of new area rugs, bookcases and dressers was well worth it.

house interior picture compilation

What We Learned From Our Own Personal Project

*You will always spend more than what you think. When the project was over we ended up painting multiple rooms, buying new dressers, bookcases, area rugs, and personal decorations that go with the new flooring

*The more you move your personal belongings out of the way the faster the job is and the safer they are from dust and debris.

*Carpet hides a lot of imperfections of your house.

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