Backsplash Trends of 2021

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The right backsplash can really tie together your kitchen’s interior design plan. Your decor is already fluid and complete everywhere else in the house, so make sure your kitchen fits in well after the remodel is complete. With all the other major decisions to consider in a kitchen remodel such as appliances and cooking equipment, the backsplash is a less serious and more decoration-based item, so you can really have fun with it and make your room even more unique.


Marble will always be one of the premium choices in the world of kitchen enhancement materials. Few things scream elegance and sophistication like marble. Adding this to any aspect of your kitchen will add a luxurious appeal to your space guaranteed.

Get Artsy

A trend cropping up recently is to have a scene or landscape printed onto the wall. Wallpaper is the primary choice for this practice but is easily damaged by water. This style allows us to use a glass backsplash or pure glass tiles to preserve the image. This alternative way of design can be 100% you-centric and will ensure your own je ne sais quoi.

Backsplash Trends of 2021 1Small Tile Mosaic

Hundreds of small tiles making up a pattern or an abstract design are sure to keep the eyes interested and give your room a nice boost in aesthetic. With this style, your color choice can be as broad as you like and you can make it so there is no other design like it.

With all the time inside the past year, we may have noticed a few things that need to be redone or remodeled around the house. If the kitchen is your next step, please contact Power House Painting + Home Improvement, we are the backsplash and floor experts. We will happily answer all the questions you may have and provide any service you require. Thank you for reading this blog and be sure to check back to our website from time to time for more information and special offers!