Benefits of Vinyl Railing Installation

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Benefits of Vinyl Railing Installation 2

Benefits of Vinyl Railing Installation

Have you ever spent hours in the sun painting your front porch railings? As an experienced painting and home improvement contractor in Yorktown and Williamsburg, Virginia, we have done it hundreds of times and it is not fun. Over the past few years, we have installed A LOT of front porch and back deck vinyl rail systems. Anytime you start getting rotten wood on your front porch railings or back deck railings, we always recommend switching to a vinyl railing system. You might be asking what is a vinyl railing system. Below we answer what it is, negatives and positives of the system.

What is a Vinyl Railing System?

If you have a current front porch wood railing system, we remove the top rail, pickets and bottom rail and throw them away. After they are removed, we install a vinyl sleeve and trim kits that goes over your existing posts. This keeps your existing post free from the weather. If it is rotten, we replace your post prior to sleeve installation. Now that you have a vinyl sleeve over your post, we install your hand rail system. If you look at the picture of our vinyl rail sample, the top rail and bottom rail are reinforced with metal. This adds extra durability and sturdiness when using it on the stairs. The railing kit is like putting Legos together. It comes in pieces and we cut it to fit in between the posts. The top rail, bottom rail and pickets are all vinyl exteriors. See the after picture for how it looks when complete.

Negatives of a Vinyl Railing System

The biggest negative to vinyl railing is the initial material cost. The other negative we run across is the limited color selections. It usually comes in five or so basic colors. If your railings have to match your custom trim color, there is a good chance it will not match. In that case, wood railings would be your best option. Not all vinyl railings are created equal. Always ensure your railing is reinforced with metal on the interior or you will feel the difference when you put any pressure on it.

Benefits of Vinyl Railing System

*Never paint again
*Weather Resistant
*Long term cheaper than wood railings
*Easy to wash and clean
*Helps with resell of home

For More Information Watch Our Youtube Video on Vinyl Railings: