Call Us Before It Snows!

Forget to cross some items off of that summer to-do list? Don’t worry, Power House Painting + Home Improvement has the solution for you! Call us before the first snows and deep freezes for all your renovation needs, but also for:

Siding Repair
Snow, sleet, rain, and slush. It's all coming towards us sooner or later as winter leaves fall behind. Don't risk mold or structural damage by letting gaps in your siding become more than an eyesore!
Deck Repairs and Revitalization
Does your deck need a little R & R? We'll repair and rejuvenate your backyard oasis, preparing it for winter to guarantee it'll last well through the seasons!
Window Installation
Did you know that you can save on your winter heating bills by simply replacing and re-sealing your windows? Don't let your savings blow out with the cold winter air, call us today!
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