Choosing The Best Lighting For Your Bathroom

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When it comes to proper lighting for your bathroom, it can be tricky choosing the right placement to get the most impact. In fact, unless you have a large light source, such as a chandelier, designed to be the room’s focal point, the lighting blends into the background. Thus, choosing the right lighting is the hardest part of the design, especially for the bathroom. We’ve put together this guide to help make the decision easier. Here is the best way to choose your bathroom lighting, no matter what design you want.

Choosing The Best Lighting For Your Bathroom 1

• The Right Placement: Standard placement for lights would be in the middle of the room, depending on the size. Having this one light does the job, but it’s not the best way to illuminate areas like the mirror. There are several places to put the proper lighting, such as vanity lighting to make applying makeup, shaving, etc. much easier to see. You can also add recessed lighting, ambient lighting, and more to create the perfect atmosphere.

Use LED Lights: Over and over again, LED bulbs have proven to be more energy efficient than other bulbs. They can also come in a range of colors to help set the room’s temperature instead of just having blue-white bulbs.

• Warm vs. Cool: Speaking of the colors, the temperature makes a huge difference with the room’s overall look. You do have to be careful about going too warm or too cold. Going too cool feels too clinical, while too warm is unnatural. Having the right balance in the spectrum is critical.

Choosing The Best Lighting For Your Bathroom 2