Exterior Trim Painting Williamsburg

How Much Does Exterior Trim Painting Cost?

Have you ever walked around your house in Williamsburg, Virginia and looked up and saw your wood trim peeling or just not looking up to your standard. If that is the case, then it is time to think about painting your wood trim. Power House Painting and Home Improvement is a custom painting and home improvement company based out of Yorktown, Virginia. We cover the entire Hampton Roads region. Exterior wood trim painting is one of our main projects we complete between March and November. What is wood trim usually include? The main portion is the wood trim under your shingles, usually called rake boards, shingle molding, and soffit. You can also have window frames, columns and miscellaneous decorative wood trim painted as well.

Exterior Trim Painting Estimate

The average cost to paint a wood trim house that is 1000-2400 sq ft cost between $2000-$4500. A few major variables is the quantity of wood trim and the condition of the wood trim. If we have major scraping and sanding to do this price could be double. We take all this into account when we give you your free estimate. <

Exterior Trim Painting
Exterior Trim Painting

If you are thinking about getting your wood trim painting or you want to budget for the future please call us at 757-310-2926 and we would love to help!