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Exterior Wood Rot Repairs

Does your home in Williamsburg or Yorktown Virginia have wood rot on the outside? If yes, our team of carpenters at Power House Painting and Home Improvement can help you out. We specialize in exterior wood rot repairs or carpenter bee damage repairs in the Hampton Roads region. The most common wood rot repairs around the exterior of homes in Williamsburg, Smithfield, and Yorktown are your roof trim (Fascia, rake, shingle molding), brickmolds, vents and other misc exterior surfaces.

When we walk you through our sales process, we explain your options when doing wood rot repairs and the most common option is wood or PVC. We almost always recommend pvc unless you are moving out of your house within a year or so. Even if you were to sell your home in a year, I truly believe it is a positive selling point. The only time we do not recommend PVC is for certain products it has not become mainstream and is not readily available. An example of that would be a 2×4 in PVC. After installation of PVC, our company still caulks, putty, primes and top coat the new material. We have found that PVC not painted during installation looks bad, because of the gaps it shows six months down the road.

Exterior Wood Rot Repair
Exterior Wood Rot Repair

If you have wood rot or questions about PVC, please call us at 757-310-2926 and we would love to go over your options.