Fall is Already Here!

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Fall is Already Here! 1

How To Protect Your Home This Fall!

Fall is Already Here!

What does that mean? Even though it is 87 degrees at the time of writing this article, we are just a few short weeks away from the cooler weather coming upon us. The pumpkin-flavored coffee and beer has hit the market, so that means it is time to prepare your house for fall and winter weather. I listed five things you can do to protect your home. We can help with items 1,2 and 5 if you do not want to tackle these projects yourself. It is an extremely busy time of the year, so please schedule time out of your busy day to protect your home.

5 things you can do to protect your home this fall!

  1. Gutter Cleaning
  2. Caulking Exterior Wood Surfaces
  3. Yard and Leaf Clean Up
  4. Fireplace Cleaning
  5. Spot Painting Raw Wood

If you have questions or need our help just give our office a call! — Brian Martin