How Much To Remodel A Guest Bathroom

Bathroom Remodel Yorktown Virginia

As a bathroom remodel specialist in Yorktown, Virginia we complete bathrooms of all sizes. Our most common bathroom remodel is for small to mid size bathrooms. Also known as guest bathroom. Typically, these bathrooms have a shower/tub combination, toilet, single vanity and are approximately around a 5ft by 7ft floor plan. The biggest question we get asked is how much does a typical guest bathroom or small bathroom remodel cost? The true answer is it can vary by the bathroom and the final material selections and full scope of work. Based on our data from our customers, the typical small bathroom remodel in Williamsburg, Virginia costs between $25000-$40000. If you are wondering why the wide range of price, let me go over a few factors that can increase or decrease the cost of your project.

Bathroom Remodel in Yorktown Virginia
Bathroom Remodel in Yorktown Virginia
Bathroom Remodel in Yorktown Virginia

Ideas To Decrease The Cost of Your Project

*Keep plumbing where it currently is
*Keep electrical where it currently is
*Paint your vanity versus replacing your vanity
*Shower/tub insert vs tile
*Shower Rod and Curtain vs Glass Shower Doors

Ways To Increase the Cost of Your Project

*Move plumbing and electrical
*Remove shower/tub combo for a single tub
*Custom tile in shower or floor
*Custom vanities
*Custom fixtures
*Adding/Moving Walls
*Even as professional painters we hate to paint railings and with vinyl railings you will no longer have to paint railings ever again

I hope these ideas give you a good insight into how we price out our projects. Our goal at Power House Painting and Home Improvement is to be as transparent as possible. We want you to be in the drivers seat and have all of the information to make a great decision. When you are ready to make that final decision to start on your bathroom remodel journey please let us know. Call us anytime!! 757-310-2926.