How Much Does It Cost To Remodel A Master Bathroom?

Master Bathroom Remodel Williamsburg

As an experienced remodeler in Williamsburg, Virginia we have seen every shape, size, and option for remodeling a master bathroom. We understand that more and more people want to have a spa like bathroom in their own home. Why go to a spa when you have one yourself!!! Our goal is to design/build your custom master bathroom. With the increase of shows like HGTV and social media we get tons of calls about bathroom remodeling in Williamsburg and Yorktown, Virginia. The biggest challenge we have is the expense of the total project. If you are reading this, you probably want to know how much a bathroom remodel cost. The answer is, on average a master bath remodel costs between $50000-$75000. A master bathroom consists of a shower, tub, dual vanities, toilet, larger floor plan, electrical, plumbing, and misc. additional features. To make it clear we have made master bathrooms for less than this amount and we have done them for more than this amount. Below are a few factors that drive up or drive down the price.

Master Bathroom Remodel Williamsburg
Master Bathroom Remodel Williamsburg
What Drives Up The Price?

*Moving electrical and plumbing *Heated/cooled bidet instead of a standard toilet
*Heated floor
*Custom vanities
*Custom Glass
*Custom tile work
*Custom or non standard tub

What Drives The Cost Down

*Select moderately priced fixtures (Faucets, tub, tile, glass, etc)
*Keep plumbing and electrical where they are
*Complete the demo yourself
*Simple designs

We know this is a lot of information, but our team at Power House Painting and Home Improvement are here to help you with your next bathroom remodel. Call us at 757-310-2926 to discuss your next project.