Will Pressure Washing Kill My Grass?

Pressure Washing Yorktown

As a pressure washing company in Yorktown, Virginia we get asked daily if we will kill the grass when we pressure wash your home, roof or deck. The honest answer is yes, if we did not follow our process we were certified in.

Luckily for you, our team of pressure washers were certified by Power Washers of North America (https://www.pwna.org/). We truly understand that you spent a lot of hard work and money in making sure your yard is beautiful and we do not want to damage your yard. For each surface (Roof, house, deck) we follow a unique process that was trained and taught by other leading professionals. These processes ensure that we do not kill your grass or flowers. There is only two companies in Hampton Roads that have spent thousands of dollars on training and education to make sure we clean your house in the safest way possible and we are one of them.

When hiring your next power washing company, I would ask them what professional training or education they have put into their trade. I think the answer they give you will help make your decision easier when knowing whether to hire them or not. 

Pressure Washing Service Yorktown
If you have any questions about our process or pricing, please call us directly at 757-310-2926. Power House Painting and Home Improvement is a pressure washing leader in Hampton Roads.