How To Save Money On Whole House Interior Painting

Interior Painting Williamsburg

As an experienced interior painting company in Williamsburg, Virginia we have painted the interior of thousands of homes. With hundreds of five star reviews we know how much a quality interior painting project should cost. This article is to help guide you in making the right decision when hiring an interior painting contractor. When completing interior painting in Williamsburg, Virginia we recommend doing the entire house at the same time. This is easily the fastest way to save you $$$. When it comes to interior painting the number one question, we get asked is how much does a whole house interior painting project cost. The short answer is it varies, but on average it costs between $3-$6 per sq ft. A few factors include the full scope of work: Ceilings/walls/trim or walls/trim or just walls.

How You Can Save Money  On Your Interior Painting Project

*Homeowner to move all personal belongings prior to the start of the project or each room

*Do not paint your closets. This is one easy option to save money if you are living in the house at the same time while completing the interior painting of your home.

*Complete the interior painting in the off season (December-February). These are usually most painters lowest prices of the year.

Interior Painting Williamsburg
Interior Painting Williamsburg

This article is a guide and the final price will depend on thousands of variables, but we hope you find it helpful.  If you have any questions or would love a free estimate on interior painting in Williamsburg please call us at 757-310-2926.