The heat and insects that tend to accompany the summer months is starting to recede, and this means it’s the perfect time to take advantage of your yard and look into some outdoor living area ideas. One of the most versatile areas you can create is an outdoor seating area, that includes space for a fire feature. This will allow you to use the space throughout the year, from staying cozy and enjoying cocoa in the fall and winter, to making s’mores and hot dogs during the summer. Being outside adds a fun angle to get togethers and allows you more options, rather than confining yourself to staying indoors. Here are some ideas on what to think about and include in your outdoor living area to make it functional and comfortable.


When selecting an area for your outdoor living space you want to focus on accessibility, functionality, and the view. Will you be using the space for large meals and groups of people? Is there a spot on your property that has a great view? If you are looking to serve full meals, you will need to have access to the kitchen and a way to transport food. Keeping the space close to the house might be the easiest option, if you don’t want to haul things back and forth. It may seem that outdoor living area ideas are overwhelming, but focusing on where you want your space is the first step. Depending on how large your yard is, you may only be looking to add a small deck directly off the house, or you may want to locate the area further away. Regardless of where you plan to have your space, incorporating a deck will make it that much more accessible. Instead of having to deal with mud, or uneven surfaces, a deck provides a controlled surface to make things safe and comfortable.


When thinking about outdoor living area ideas, seating is one of the most important features. It should be comfortable, durable, and spacious. Think about how many guests you will entertain and what type of seating is in your budget. Having a few foldable lawn chairs is always an option, but creating seating that fits the space will tie the theme together. Having benches built into the deck is a simple addition that combines comfort and functionality. Many bench designs include hinged seats with storage areas underneath. This allows you to keep pillows or cushions out of the elements when they are not being used, thus extending their life. It also gives you space to store other things, like fire starting materials, wood, bug spray, or whatever else may come in handy. Built-in benches can also be an added safety feature by creating a barrier between playing children and the fire.


Once you have selected the location and decided on the seating arrangements, all that is left is to choose which type of fire feature you would like. Outdoor living area ideas tend to center around a fire feature, whether it’s a grill or a fire pit. There are traditional fire pits that can be installed above ground or below. These fire pits come in many different styles, from the regular stone-lined hole in the ground to large, movable metal bowls that have mesh metal covers. Depending on your budget and space, you could even build an outdoor fireplace and incorporate the hearth into your seating arrangement. Another option, which falls somewhere between the firepit and the fireplace are the terracotta fire pits and gas fire features. The terracotta is a traditional fire pit found in the southwest regions of the United States. Made from clay, the fire pit is shaped like a large flower vase, and sits in a metal stand. You start the fire in the bottom, which is usually curved like a bowl, and the top of the terracotta has an opening like a chimney. This option is a little more decorative than the traditional fire pit and is easy to move locations. It’s also great for areas that are windy because the fire is safely tucked away inside the clay structure. A new trend for fire pits can be seen in gas-powered fire pits. These take away the work of having to start the fire and keep a supply of wood nearby. It is also generally safer because you can control the flame by turning the gas supply up or down. Gas fire pits come in a variety of styles and sizes but generally they all have the fire feature on top, which is ignited the same way you would a gas grill. Below is a storage area where the propane tank (same as a grill’s propane tank) is tucked away. Although you don’t get the campfire feeling as much as you would with a wood fire, these gas fire pits are easy to maintain and generally safer because you have more control. Regardless of which fire feature you choose, remember that it is going to be the main event in your outdoor living area, so choose something both functional and beautiful.

Being outdoors is something that can lighten the mood and make you feel in harmony with nature. By creating a space in the outdoors, you are opening up so many more options to enjoy it. Outdoor living area ideas come in all shapes and sizes and can be tailored to fit your style, as well as your budge. For more ideas on how to create the outdoor living space of your dreams, get in touch with Power House Home Improvement Services. We are here to help you in whatever capacity you need, from answering questions to designing and building the final product.

For ideas and information on outdoor living areas and firepits, check out https://www.diynetwork.com/how-to/topics/fire-pits