Maintaining your deck is the easiest way to extend it’s life. There are plenty of reasons why you need to wash and stain your deck regularly. Keeping your deck looking updated and new, making it a safe space for friends and family, and saving you money are part of why you should take care of your outdoor space. Here are a few tips on how to wash and stain your deck. As always if you need professional help, Power House can help you powerwash your deck and make it look new!


Each month make time to lightly power wash your deck. One reason why you need to wash and stain your deck is because this will prevent mildew and other things from growing on the surface. If you don’t have a power washer, using a garden hose will achieve the same result.
Check for loose nails, screws, and boards monthly. These can create safety hazards and jeopardize the structure of the deck. Make repairs as needed. If it is a big project, enlist the help of Power House Services to make things go smoothly.
Some other tips on how to wash and stain your deck include preventing grease stains from getting on your deck by maintaining the grease trap of your grill. Grease stains are very difficult to get out once they set into your deck’s surface.
Trapped moisture can create an environment for your deck to rot. Prevent moisture from becoming trapped by removing door mats and flower pots from your deck. An alternative to removing flower pots is to place them on a raised flower pot holder, so that only the legs are touching the deck. There are alternatives to removing your door mats as well. Instead of selecting a mat with a rubber bottom, opt for a straw or woven mat that allows air to flow through more easily. You can also battle trapped moisture by hanging the mat on a railing to air out after it rains, or when the deck is not in use.
When you power wash your deck each month, move any furniture and wash the space thoroughly – seating, grills, flower pots, etc. Allow time for the space to dry before putting things back in their place.
Tips on how to wash and stain your deck include the prevention of snow and ice building up on your deck by shoveling throughout the winter. DO NOT put salt on your deck. It will cause the building material to deteriorate more quickly. One reason why you need to wash and stain your deck is because this will remove any chemicals that have accumulated on the surface, through rain, snow, or wind.


There are many reasons why you need to wash and stain your deck. It is recommended that you stain your deck at least every 2 to 3 years. This will ensure a protective barrier from the outside elements – wind, rain, snow, ice, harsh sun, and fluctuating temperatures.
Before staining your deck, thoroughly clean the space with a cleaner that is approved for the type of deck material you have. Give it time to dry completely.
Be sure to check the weather for when you are planning on staining the space. Other tips on how to wash and stain your deck involve planning ahead. You will need a few days to ensure that the deck can dry from the cleaning and then dry from the staining.
Decide which type of stain you want to use ahead of time. If you want to use the same type each year, save the label or take a photo of it so you will know which brand/color to go with.
Gather supplies you will need. To clean and prep the deck you will need a pressure washer, scrub brushes, cleaner, and sandpaper. For staining, you will need a hand sprayer or paint brushes and rollers.
Be sure to clean the deck properly before staining. If you don’t, the stain won’t sink into the wood grains properly, and in a few months it will work it’s way out. Any benefits from the staining will be missed.
Once it is time to stain, cover the surrounding area with tarps, news paper, or old sheets to prevent splatter on plants or the side of your house.
Make sure you do consistent coats of stain throughout the space. If you layer the stain to thinly or too thickly, the end result will show it.

Maintaining your deck is important to extend its’ life and create an outdoor space for people to enjoy. By following these tips on how to wash and stain your deck, you can save yourself time and money by completing preventative steps. If you have any questions or need help with maintaining your deck space or powerwashing, please give Power House Services a call. We are happy to help and have plenty of experience.

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