Valentine’s Day is today! Whether you are a die-hard romantic, or someone who dislikes the holiday, I think we can all agree that everyone likes to feel appreciated. Buying cards and chocolates and flowers may be a nice gesture, but why spend your money on something your sweetheart can only enjoy for a few days? Why not invest in something that will improve the quality of their day, and something that you might enjoy the use of too? These Valentine’s Day home improvement ideas may seem a little different from typical gifts, but they are totally worth it because of the “wow factor” and relaxation they can bring into a home. You can contact Power House about our home improvement services now!


One of our favorite Valentine’s Day home improvement ideas involves the shower. There is nothing quite as relaxing as stepping into a luxurious shower. With just the right amount of water pressure, the shower head adjusted to the perfect angle, and your ideal water temperature, it’s easy to let the stress and the grime of your day wash away. Treat your special someone (or yourself) to a new shower head. You can purchase a programmable shower head that will remember personalized settings – including water temperature, pressure, and even what type of spray you prefer. These can run from $300 to $3,500. While that may seem a little on the expensive side, think about how much money people spend to pamper themselves with massages and other relaxation techniques. A great shower head could easily replace the cost of monthly massages, and it’s something your sweetheart can enjoy every day.


Glamour is not something usually associated with a toilet seat, but it can be. We spend a fair amount of time sitting on the toilet, so why not enjoy it? Gifting your loved one a snazzy new seat is a unique idea that may seem silly at first, but is guaranteed to add a little comfort and novelty to an otherwise mundane daily routine. Aside from having an automatic flush, there are a host of features you can add to upgrade your “throne”. Depending on your budget, you could opt for a new toilet seat, or you could spend a bit more and install an entirely new toilet. Just the seat will run between $150 to $600, with a host of fun features to choose from. Heating options, germ-resistant plastic, antimicrobial spray, slow-closing lids, and fun music are all features that you can choose from if you are going with a new seat. If you decide to purchase an entire “smart” toilet, it will cost somewhere between $450 and $1,100.These smart toilets have many of the same feature options as the smart seats, but they can also include an automatic flush feature, an eco-friendly flush option that allows you to differentiate the amount of water used (did you go #1 or #2?), LED lighting for nighttime trips to the bathroom, as well as automatic bowl cleaning capabilities. If you are stumped for ideas on what to get your king or queen for Valentine’s Day, why not upgrade his or her throne?  This unique Valentine’s Day home improvement idea may cause some laughs at first, but it is sure to be a hit.


Setting the mood may be important for date night, but it is also key to having a cozy and relaxing home. A great Valentine’s Day home improvement idea that will dazzle your loved one involves installing dimmable lighting. While it is important to be able to see, we don’t always want the bright, sterile lighting found in hospitals and office buildings. Home is a place of relaxation and creating the option to dim lights around your home will create a sense of tranquility, without having to choose between the ability to see something, and the chance to relax. Install dimmers on bedroom lights and turn the dimmers up to allow for optimal vision when reading or preparing to go out. When getting ready for bed, turn the dimmer down to give the space a warm, cozy glow, without having to stumble around in the dark. And the best part is, dimmers cost between $15 and $40 so you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to add a little romance and tranquility to a space.


Creating a relaxing space can be a great Valentine’s gift for someone you love, and what better way than to install a whole-house sound system? There are multiple options to choose from, depending on your budget and what you are looking for in a system. The more pricey option involves hiring a sound specialist to run speaker wires through the entire home, through walls and ceiling space. This costs between $700 and $2,700 per room, with the additional cost of the speakers (between $100 and $2,000 per pair). The benefits of having a sound specialist install the system include their expertise on the acoustics in your home, and the fact that your system will be less likely to cut out because the system relies on wires, not wifi signals. The less expensive option is to install individual speakers that have wifi capabilities. Depending on the quality of the speakers you choose, these can cost around $400 per room. Both options can be controlled through a smart phone or from a base system.

There are tons of options to choose from for Valentine’s Day home improvement ideas. Don’t just go with the usual flowers or chocolate. Show your loved one that you care by gifting them with something that they can use every day, and that will improve the quality of their life by adding some relaxation and tranquility to everyday things. Power House Services are here to answer any questions you might have on upcoming projects, or do help with installation. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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