How Much Does It Cost to Paint A Bathroom?

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Do you have a single bathroom you are thinking about painting in the Hampton Roads area? If you are, you have come to the right place. Power House Painting and Home Improvement are experienced bathroom painters in Yorktown Virginia. We cover from Williamsburg to Virginia Beach. Every week we talk to homeowners about bathroom painting. The most common problem we see with bathroom wall and ceiling painting is the use of wrong paint. Many paint contractors and builders use the wrong paint finish. We highly recommend using a semi-gloss finish when painting your ceiling, walls and trim in your bathroom. This allows for easier cleaning and prevents the paint from peeling from the high moisture from your shower and hot baths. If applied correctly your ceiling, walls and trim paint will not peel. The biggest question we get is how much does it cost to paint a single bathroom?

Cost of Painting a Bathroom

The average bathroom cost between $650-$1200 depending on if we are just doing walls or walls/trim or walls/ceiling/trim. One trick to save money is to use a White Semi Gloss paint for your ceiling and trim paint to avoid having to buy two different gallons of paint. If you do this most bathrooms you will be able to buy one gallon for the ceiling/trim and one gallon for the walls.

Bathroom Painting Hampton Roads

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