Kitchen Cabinet FAQ’S

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Kitchen Cabinet FAQ’S 1

Kitchen Cabinet Frequently Asked Questions & Painting Tips

How Long Does Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinet Paint Last?

Power House Painting and Home Improvement has extensive experience with kitchen and bathroom cabinet painting projects in Yorktown and Williamsburg, Virginia. We have invested heavily into technology that allows us to get as close to a factory finish without being in a factory. If you want to know how much kitchen cabinet painting project costs or how the process is completed, please read our article “How Much Does Kitchen Cabinet Painting Cost.” After price, the biggest question we get is how long does kitchen cabinet paint last once you paint it. As always, the answer varies on use of the cabinetry, location and wear and tear on the cabinets. Think toddlers versus senior citizens. Who is going to beat up the cabinets more? To give you an idea of how long we think it will last, we created a Youtube video over 10 years ago on our bathroom cabinets. Guess what? They still look great ten years later!! We have been back to houses 5+ years after painting the cabinets and they still look great. Luckily, even if you have one trash can cabinet that is worn down you can always touch up that cabinet as needed. So my answer to how long does cabinet paint last when done correctly, is a minimum of five to ten years.

How Do I keep The Price Down on Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinet Painting?

We have two main reasons we paint kitchen cabinets. The first is to brighten the cabinets from the old stain look and the second is to update the kitchen cabinets without having to spend the money replacing them. If you are a part of either category, we can help you keep the cost down on your kitchen cabinet painting project. The easiest way to keep the cost down is to not replace your hardware. If you do want to replace your hardware, then the next best option is to make sure you replace with hardware that fits the same holes as the previous hardware. For example, if you have a single pull on a door, when you purchase new hardware get a single pull knob. We do not charge extra if we do not have to patch, sand and reinstall new hardware. The second way to get a discount on kitchen and bathroom cabinet painting project is to complete the project in our off season, which typically runs from December to Mid March. These will be our lowest prices of the year.

How Long Does It Take To Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets?

As always, every project varies in scope of work and timing. On average, most kitchen cabinet painting projects can be done in 5-10 days. This includes proper prep, priming and two top coats. If you were to read our article on kitchen cabinet cost a small cabinet project takes around 5-6 days, medium size project 7-8 days and a large cabinet project takes 9-10 days.

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