Painting is a project that can add a lot of charm and character to a space. Whether you are freshening up the look of your living room with a new color, or adding new cabinets in the kitchen, paint can really bring everything together. However, when you paint it’s important to do it well. Imperfections, uneven coating, and other issues can all cause the finished product to look sloppy. Using a primer will make everything look uniform, regardless of the original color. There are a variety of primers to choose from – each one perfect for specific jobs. Brian Martin, owner of Power House Painting and Home Improvement, has over a decade of experience with painting and primer. Generally he recommends using Sherwin Williams Muti-Purpose latex primer or Fast-Dry oil-based primer.

The Sherwin Williams Multi-Purpose latex primer is a very versatile product. Brian says this type of primer is great for color changes. Whether you are moving into a new home, or you’re just trying to bring a new look to an old space, paint can help the transformation. Underlayers of paint can cause the new coat to seem darker than desired. If you are changing from one color to another, Multi-Purpose primer will ensure that you achieve the actual shade you are going for by covering and blocking any previous layers of paint from showing through.

Sherwin Williams Multi-Purpose latex primer is also a go-to if you are working with a slick surface, such as PVC pipes. There is nothing quite like the eyesore of an exposed PVC pipe. Multi-Purpose primer is able to coat the surface and adhere to it. This, in turn, provides you with a surface to paint your desired color. If the rest of your space is a rich shade of green, you can disguise the exposed piping. First paint it with Multi-Purpose primer, and then cover the coat of primer with the same shade of paint as the rest of the room.

Sherwin Williams Fast-Dry primer is has a multitude of uses. Power House relies on this product to cover water spots or stains that you might have – inside or outside of your home. Fast-Dry primer is also great for coating bare wood. If you have new wooden cabinets that will be painted a certain color, oil-based primers, such as the Fast-Dry by Sherwin Williams, work best.

There are a lot of types of primers out there, but Power House Services uses Sherwin Williams Multi-Purpose and Fast-Dry primers because they are reliable. These products help get the job done correctly, the first time. If you have any questions about primer, painting, or other home improvement areas, please give us a call at 757-310-2926.